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What graphics card should I get???

Im looking to upgrade my graphics card from ATI Radeon HD 4330 to something better. This graphics card plays Perfect World laggy. I want something better than this one within 50-80$ range. My brother is telling me to get a Geforce 430 but I feel like its not enough. I wanna play be able to play World Of Warcraft on ultra. Im also looking for something that has Nvidia Control panel so I can boots graphics on some games. What should I get? Should I listen to my brother?

Ps. My monitor is 1024x786
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    around 80$ would get you a radeon hd 6670 or a nvidia gt 440 at ~60*

    a power color 6750 can be found on newegg for 80$.

    a power color 6770 for 90$

    what i would personally do is save money up for a better computer build. get a good working PSU/Mobo/CPU/GPU combination and work your way up.
  2. We need to know these specs:
    1) Power Supply
    2) CPU model

    If the CPU specs are too low it will bottleneck the graphics card. If the Power Supply is insufficient for the graphics card you'll have to replace it.
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