Is something wrong with my CPU?

Ok i play wow and recently my FPS has dropped majorly.

I used to get around 60+ fps constant at high settings..

I have an i5-650
gt 440
4gb ram

i dont have anything overclocked but recently i did an update i think it was a service pack update and i have to play on minimum settings or even fair and will get around 40-50 fps in general areas..

High settings i will get around 20

My resolution is 1920x1080
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling graphic card drivers? Possible something happened there.

    I'm not a wow player, but maybe someone else who is can let you know if something changed there. It seems quite possible to me that they changed something with the mists of pandaria update.
  2. Short answer..

    GT 440 is very weak. especially for 1080p gaming.
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