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Hey, i just got a new Lion system that is running a 2.5GHz i5. Now, since this is only possible as 100MHzx25, it can't be a first gen i5. Neither can it be a 3rd gen one coz its about a year old.

So which i5 is this exactly coz all the standard SB i5's are 2.9GHz and it the 65W 2400S ?

But then again, what about the 2.7GHz model's they show online on their web? Does intel make special chips just for Apple, that aren't available in the retail channel?
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  1. why don't you ask an Apple Guru?
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    i believe that apple underclock them on purpose, but the turbo boost is the same, so you get the same performance!
  3. No we dont make special chips for Apple but they never post which models of our processors they are using.
  4. Intel guy's don't yourselves know what you sell to Apple?!!

    The reason why i think they use the 65W S version is cause it has same TDP as the earlier C2D chips from the E7xxx series, which they used in my old mac system:) They wouldn't have had to redesign their desktops for the increased cooling requirements of the 95W versions...
  5. Supermuncher85 said:

    If you read my first post, you'll see that even i made the same assumption initially, but it fails in the sense that it can't explain the 2.7Ghz i5's in the slightly higher versions apple sells...
  6. Supermuncher85 said:

    Yes but that's a dual core i5 at 35W, which in reality is just an i3 with turbo. Going from a quad core to a dual core isn't exactly an "upgrade" !! :)
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