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At the moment I am running a single gtx 570 which is overclocked ( gainward goes like hell edition ) and was wondering if it was worth me investing in a second one for sli or to save the money and wait for 700 series gpu,s, a 690/680 or even a high end offering from AMD. At the moment i can pick up a 570 for $255 on amazon which seems every appealing, my main issue with this though is the vram on the 570. It seems that game are steadily going above 1Gb and soon 1280MB will not be enough for 1080p so i am worried that ill have the gpu grunt but vram limitations will hinder performance. I also have a secondary computer I use with a 560 in it, so If i do replace the 570 it will have a home in that computer I guess, seeing as I dont fancy my chances of selling it.

Any ideas guys?

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  1. Save up for a GTX 685 or the 7xx series, the 570 will be good for a couple years.
  2. The GTX570 can run many games on their highest settings at 1920x1080, most at near full quality and only a few would look significantly better with a different card.

    Many people would consider your single GTX570 quite adequate for one or two more years.

    A lot of it comes down to the games you are currently playing and how much you are willing to pay for better performance (if any).

    I'm personally a heavy gamer and have an HD5870 which I loved (not as powerful as the GTX570). I'm upgrading to the GTX680 primarily for these games:
    - Skyrim
    - Witcher 2
    - Batman AC
    - Total War Shogun 2

    There are several advantage to the GTX680, some of which won't be fully used by existing games. A 2xGTX570 will be FAR NOISER than a single GTX680. Nor do raw benchmark results reflect game play experience as SLI/Crossfire can be prone to dips in FPS.

    So my advice is either WAIT for at least another year, or get the GTX680 but I can't answer that question for you.
  3. 570 is a gr8 card. A single one should do u fine. If u r not having troubles with any of ur current games, why waste money then? plus, the 500 series will get cheaper within 3 months. Maybe try it then.
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