Corsair gs 600 psu compability?

I am going to upgrade my system in few months.wil upgrade my system by one component at a time.right now I have core 2duo with dg31pr motherboard.from few days my psu giving me problems so i wish to upgrade to corsair gs600(as I need good psu in future for high end gaming) .i juzzz wanted to know wether it will work with my old dg31pr(i know its old but going to upgrade it to betre one..but for now just tell me wether It is compatible with dg31pr...thank u
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    Most all the new PSUs are universal, they come with 24 pin motherboard connectors and you can detach 4 off the end to make it a 20 pin for backwards compatibility.

    They also come with 8 pin processor power cables of which you can detach 4 off the end to make it a 4 pin for backwards compatibility.

    I am 99% sure that the GS 600 is standard in this manner. I can't guarantee you that, though. You would be wise to try to research that before you buy it.

    On a separate note, I would not try to upgrade your core components one at a time (motherboard, processor, and RAM). These should always be bought together when possible.

    Usually, it is the case that if you buy a new one of any of the three, the other two old things won't work with the new thing.
  2. thank u raiddinn for reply....yesterday i broght corsair gs 600 and nzxt lexa s cabinet and everything is working smoothly for me ...gs600 have 8 pin connector and my mb require 4 pin connector so i just split the 8 pin connector into two 4 pin connectors and its working problem free for me...and yes u correct its standard psu and awesome one too :D
    yes sure will upgrade those 3 components together only...
    CPU-INTEL CORE i5 3550
    Ram-corsair vengeance 4gb
    Gpu-nvidea gtx 660
    what say about above build?
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  4. Looks fine to me, though the i5-3450 is more popular than the i5-3550.

    The 3570k is more popular than either one, because it allows performance settings to be changed in the BIOS, but for the people that don't care about that most of them take the 3450 since it costs less (usually) and has nearly the same performance.

    I am also not a big fan of Corsair RAM, Crucial and Kingston generally make RAM that is more likely to work and work well.
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