I dont know whats going on ! pls hlp

im really going crazy
i have 512mb of ram a 256mb cheap and a 256mb simens ram
it doenst depend on which ram is in the pc with 90% opf insurence my pc hangs after i quit half life or sometimes in the middle of any other game (project igi)
when it hangs i mean i cant press ctr alt del it doenst work i can only reset
sometimes the prob comes with a nice noise
i dont know what to do
does anyone know a solution?
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  1. Well, it would be nice if you used punctuation and perhaps capitalization to make readability better.

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  2. *g* ?!
    Aren't you able to read it that way? Otherwise i would wirte it again and again and again up to when it's completely correct.
    I'm just going crazy of this problem. NOBODY knows a solution. Not one o 3 PC stores knew a solution.
    By the way. My System is:
    AMD Athlon 1,2Ghz
    256Mbn cheap RAM
    SB Live!
    GForce 2 Pro 64Mb DDR RAM
    Mobo: ECS Elitegroup K7VZA
  3. I don't know what simens ram is, but generic is considered bad on this board. I personally haven't had problems with generic memory, but you probably can solve your problems in 1 of 4 ways:

    1. Make sure you have an AMD approved powersupply w/ at least 300W
    2. Buy some brandname memory; it's cheap. Crucial.com is recommended a lot on this board.
    3. Make sure you aren't overheating.
    4. Reformat your hard drive. Reinstall windows. I'm assuming you've at least tried this already though so try 1,2,or 3.

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  4. What sort of cooling and power supply do you have?

    Oh, and watch the temper. wirting can go funny then LOL

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  5. sorry for new user name its me nubenube *g*

    i have a 300w support and a brand cooler on the athlon
    the athlon runs between 50 and 60° celsius !
    so u hgave to udnerstand im from germany, i can't buy ram's from a canadian site *g*
    and u cannot tell me that u don't know Siemens ??? a german company ???
    i mean siemens, u HAVE to know :)

    re installling my windows didnt help of course :(
  6. Yes, I do know the company, but I've never heard of their memory. You might know better whether or not it's high quality. The other stick is most likely the problem if it's a memory issue.

    Why the new username? Did you get banned?

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  7. SIEMENS RAM is a very good (and really expensive one)
    so trust me the siemens ram isn't the prob
    no i forgot my püassword and i was too stupid to check the "forgot your password" button *gggg*
    it doenst which RAM is out of the PC and on which DIMM bank, the problem is there !
    (hope u understand my english)
  8. sure its the ram? if you swap out sticks and the problem still occurse then it could be something else...

    does it only happen during games?
    only particular games?
    or in windows as well?

    got all the latest drivers for your graphics card, sound card, motherboard, bios?
    is you system overclocked in ANY way?
    i noticed you have a SBlive. that can be an issue with some Via chipsets.
    the more details the we can help you.

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  9. The memory wing under the SIEMENS umbrella is called INFINEON.

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  10. Well
    I didn't know about problems of the SBLive and VIA Chipsets.
    Nothing is overclocked in my system.
    After a few tests i recognized thjat my PC also hangs when i see some Flash animations (??). Just 5 minutes ago my system hang during a download when i started to listen to some mp3's.
    Well i just put out the NoName RAM 5 minutes ago. I hope this will help now. If you could help me anyways, I would be really happy. As I said, the problem is driving me crazy :(
  11. Keep me posted, I suspect it is a problem with running two 256MB modules -- I have the same problem. If I remove either on of my 256MB modules my PC is solid (no crashes). Do you have a dual monitor setup (two video cards)? What SBLive card do you have?

    Most of my problems are always resolved when I remove the SBLive card and put it in another slot. Anyone want to buy my SBLive 5.1 card?? I'm so sick of Creative Labs hardware screwing up my PC and they of course claim complete ignorance even with MANY documented problems. XP Theatre is next on my purchase list.

    See my post on >256MB for details of my problem.

  12. i have tested a bit around now.
    i built off the soundblaster live, and used the onboard soundcard, the problems was there, then i build off the nonam ram, the problem was there :(
    currently the cpu runs at 65-70° celsius and the mobo at 55-60° celsius
    is this too hot?
  13. That´s really too hot...

    AMD says Athlon can take like 90 degrees C but 50-60 is not good and 60+ then you´re in trouble.

    I bet this is your problem. What cooler are you using, and are you using thermal paste?

    Get a better HSF like the Silverado, some Arctic Silver and a decent case fan. If you are german I guess you are familiar with Papst Lüftern?

    If that´s a VIA mobo you have then get VIA´s 4-in-1 4.32 and newest BIOS to prevent the crashes you may get when the CPU stops overheating before the 686B & SB Live have time to start fighting their age-old battle...

    Good luck!
  14. sure i know papst coolers
    im going to buy one in 1 hour :)
    the newest bios is already installed, as u see, i did everything i could do excepting buying new stuff *g*

    @ V8VENOM

    it doesn't matter which ram is being taken off the pc, my system IS NOT stable !
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