Why wont my laptop work at a hotel

Hello, I am living/working at an extended stay hotel. My laptop connected just fine for the first couple of weeks there. There was a pop up that said there was an "IP address conflict" Since then, it doesn't want to connect. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It might be enough to bring up tyhe Command Prompt and reset a couple of thikngs. In XP go Start to Run and type cmd into the Open box and press Enter. In Vista or Windows 7, using your Windows key and R together brings the Open box up.

    At the Command Prompt type ipconfig /renew, press Enter and when that finishes, type ipconfig /flushdns hit Enter and then type exit to leave the form. Restart the computer and you should be able to connect but if you can't, there may be another resident who's system is causing the problem.

    All this assumes you have automatic DHCP enabled so if the problem persists, please post back which version of Windows you're using.

  2. just see what ip you have and change it manually instead of automatic option

  3. And how does he do that if he doesn't know to what to change it? He's not at home and can't access the router settings.

  4. if he uses ipconfig as you said?
  5. yimmi said:
    if he uses ipconfig as you said?

    Agreed he can see it but it's a big old guessing-game finding out what to change it to. We have to assume that after so many weeks, he's spoken with the hotel management about this and they can't help because the problem is within his own settings. Auto DHCP is the only answer unless I'm missing the point here.

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