How do you convert a pci express x1 slot to simple pci slot

I have a new motherboard which has no PCI slots, but it does have one PCI Express x16 slot and three PCI Express 1x slots. Hoping to change some of the cards off my old computer onto this new model, I was stumped because the old mothjerboatd had both a nPCI Express x16 slot and several PCI slots. Other than buying new cards, is there a simp0le conversion piece that I can use to make further use of the old cards?
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  1. While a PCI-to-PCIe bridge is possible and is indeed present on some modern boards that have PCI-less chipsets, I am not aware of any company selling a PCI-to-PCIe adapter card and even if someone did make such a product, the card would no longer line up with the IO slots which would make it impossible to secure the card properly and may also make it nearly impossible to plug anything into rear connections.

    So your options are:
    1) buy a new board that has PCI slot(s) which are becoming increasingly uncommon
    2) upgrade to PCIe equivalents
    3) ditch the cards
  2. Thanks, but I have now given up and bought another motherboard and graphics card, both of which now work really well.

    Regards to all,

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