Dell Studio 540s Slim Dead. Seeking fix and upgrade. Help!

I purchased a Dell Studio 540s Slim a few years ago and after I moved it worked for a while and then just didn't turn on one day. When I plug it in and attempt to turn it on, NOTHING happens, so am I wrong in thinking that this is the power supply? I have read that this is a fairly common problem with these towers.

So if it is the power supply,
I want to replace the power supply and I am looking for one that will work with the tower.

I want to upgrade the video card and I would like to know if anyone can suggest a video card for this model of PC. And I would like to make sure that the Power Supply will also be able to support it before I buy one.

I am interested in playing a lot of games on this machine, so I would like a good video card that won't be overkill if someone could please suggest one.

Thanks in advanced,
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  1. With Dell systems, a bad PSU is generally indicated by a flashing amber power LED, though sometimes a PSU can fail rather completely and not even provide enough power for that LED to flash. Not sure that there are many after market slimline PSUs, so you may have little choice but to try Dell's "Spare Parts" division or resort to the likes of eBay and Craigslist. I suppose if you don't care about how it looks, you could probably find some kind of extensions for all the power plugs on the PSU, or even get a modular one, and just have the PSU like some kind of hideous growth hanging off the back of the computer, with cables snaking in the hole from the original PSU.

    As for gaming... The PSU and small form factor are going to be working against you. You'll need a low profile video card at a minimum, and that will rule out a lot of higher end cards. Then you'll need it to be within spec of the unit's PSU, which is probably a 230-280W. Unless you want to try something like the above, then you would only be limited by the form factor.

    You're probably better off accepting the limits of the computer you have, and just putting money towards a new one which isn't as limited.
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