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Hello people

So I'm looking at investing money towards a computer, after selling my old gaming rig and downgrading to a laptop, I really miss having a powerful desktop by my side.

Anyway, I'm looking at building something that has huge upgrade potential, I don't want to spend to much money, but I want to start of with High end mobo, CPU and Ram, then Low end everything else. Then as time progresses, I'd get a high end GPU, SSD etc etc

I would love some help getting an Idea of components to use look into. I use to own the 2500k, and I'm thinking about going towards that cpu again, however, I would love to sample SB-E or even Ivy Bridge, of course I'd like the communities input.

I want to get the high end mobo that has relevant features and good SLI potential (I plan on SLI'ing some Nvidia cards later down the road, maybe some 680's or even 690's)

I want to grab an SSD to start off with, I already have my 1tb from my old pc so thats fine, and I want to try get some solid ram, I just don't have much of a clue about it :/

Anyway, if I've missed anything, please add, I'm missing class and must finish this quickly lol

Thank you :D

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  1. Check out my $850 build here:
    You can switch the 7850 for the GTX 670 if you'd like.

    Honestly, "High-end" motherboards are misleading. Asus has always been considered to have high-end motherboards. But they have the Sabertooth priced @ $230 however performance benchmarks show than the Asrock Extreme6 Z77 being $70 cheaper performs pretty much the same and overclocks pretty much the same. Honestly, motherboard performance isn't going to have a huge difference no matter how much you spend on it.

    As for the SSD, since you don't need the HDD
    Cheap, solid fast and good for the price.

    As for the 650w if you have questions, the 670 is recommended to have at least 650w for SLI, usually those are overestimates so you can run an OC'd i5 3570K w/ SLI 670's just fine on a 650w.
  2. I like the build in that link, However, as I mentioned, I want to start off with a high end CPU and Mobo/Ram, then progress onto GPU later.

    I think i'll go with the 3570k as CPU, and I may also go with the Asrock Extreme 6 Z77, but yeah, I was looking at the Sabertooth. I prefer to use Asus Mobo's over anything else

    I'm looking at getting the Intel 520 series SSD (I currently have on in my laptop and I'm loving it), I was looking at OCZ, but i've heard a few bad things.

    I'm getting Corsair AX PSU, probably the 750w to be on the safe side.

    ALSO!!! I forgot to mention, I'm in New Zealand, I'm very very limited to components offered, I'm looking at buying from USA (I'm traveling there later this year and have a friend there also) or I'll buy from Australia. Prices in NZ are much higher than USA or AUS -.-
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    Just wanted you to see what Asus is doing to people who buy based on brand bias.

    As for the Intel SSDs, not worth it. My opinion at least. Reliability is pretty close to SF as of late with SF being a bit more reliable as of late w/ updates. The 520s perform close to SF-22xx SSDs anyways but cost much more. So IMO not worth it.

    AX PSUs are also WAY overpriced. No one needs them but buy them for "bragging rights" but considering the fact that in other countries prices of parts are more expensive. It'd be smarter to buy cheaper and save. The OCZ ZS 750 or ZT 750 would give you pretty much the performance you need. Between 80+ Brnze and 80+ Gold you wouldn't notice the difference. Here's the OCZ ZT 750's review.
    9+ By one of the best PSU reviewers, JG.
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