2 x 1080p displays. One blocky and text is small/unreadable

I am running a RADEON HD 6870. it has the option to run up to 4 monitors at 1080p

I connected my Viera panasonic TV up to my PC last night thinking it would be cool to have two monitors for When I'm creating skyrim mods. the screen space would increase production time very quickly!

But i have a problem, the TV on the Left is at the same resolution, even at lower resolutions the Text is very blocky and hard to read. Also not as bright and all out horrible display. I have used this on it's own with a DVD player and Xbox360 before i can assure you this TV is fantastic!

Why is it doing this? Even a prntscreen does not show up this faults.

Thank you for the help!
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  1. Lowering the Resolution would of course make it look worse. so don't do that. it will also look worse/blurry as its bigger than the monitor and has the same number of pixels, so the pixels must be bigger. TVs in general make bad monitors as they are designed to be viewed at a distance, not used as a monitor.

    what is your TV model? are you sure its 1080p? it doesn't look like it
  2. Thanks for the information about Tv's as monitors. This TV is a Panasonic Viera Model no. TX-L22X20B 50Hz

    I'm 100% sure this is 1920x1080p as I used it Via HDMI on the xbox360 for about 10 months.

    When i hook my PC up to the 52" Toshiba downstairs it looks great! So I don't understand why this 24" TV is any different :P
  3. Panasonics website says its 1366x768. not 1920x1080.


    It can scan 1080P content, and display it, but the panel itself is lower resolution which is why it looks bad.
  4. Oh well that explains alot! Thanks for finding that out for me, This should help alot. Ok so when i go into windows to change the resolution. It does not have that res option. Is there any way I can force a resolution of my own choice?
  5. 720p would probably look right since its a tv(I think most are 1366x768 but maybe I'm wrong), but their is an option somewhere to set up custom resolutions/settings for hdtvs. I think its in the "my digital flat panels" section, but I've never used it and don't have a PC to check at the moment.
  6. I converted my DVI cable to VGA. Originally I was using HDMI. After playing around with the settings on the TV also it looks fantastic now! Great second monitor :)

    Everything appears a little bigger on this than my 1080p monitor obviously. Eventually i will buy 2 1080p Monitors and use eyefinity but until then this is awesome to speed up my production with the Creation Engine.
  7. OK. In my experience HDMI is a "TV" connection. not that its bad. but DVI and VGA usually let you pick resolution like a monitor, HDMI has quirks. glad its working
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