I7-3930K vs i7-3770K/3570K

So I was thinking of building a gaming/video editing PC. But I'm stuck with this processor problem. So I have more than enough budget to either buy the Intel i7 3930K or the i7-3770K/3570K. I didn't want to go with the 3960X because the 3930K will suffice my needs greatly. My question is that which processor will be more future-proof, powerful and easy to overclock. I am going with a Corsair H100 Water Cooler for now but I'm gonna build my own loop later.

**Optional Question: Could you guys also suggest a good motherboard for either LGA 2011 or LGA 1155 depending on which processor you picked. (ex: 3770K is 1155 and 3930K is 2011) My budget for the motherboard is $250 - $500)


Gaming - 50%
Video Editing - 35%
Movies - 15%

Thanks in advance!
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  1. for this case i would recommend either the i5 3570k or the i7 3770k. if you feel that a i5 wont be enough for video editing (i5 is pretty good), get the i7 as it has hyper threading. for the i5 or i7 get the asrock extreme4 since it is pretty uch the cheapest motherboard out there that has all the features.

    for the cooler, the cooler master tpc 812 or a thermalright silver arrow will be close to or better than the h100 (5 degree difference tops for each one)
  2. you didnt answer my question though> im not trying to build the cheapest rig. Does the i7 3930k have an advantage over the i5 3570k over gaming also the extreme6 has gottten better reveiws than the ex 4
  3. No, it has no advantage nor will it for 5+ years, longer than most keep a rig.
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