Pentium D 925 Power Consumption compared to others?

Hey guys,I got a MS-7187 OEM Medion Motherboard made by Micro-star. With this motherboard i have a Pentium D 925.I think i can remember reading somewhere that the Pentium D used a lot of power and let off a lot of heat.

So i was wondering,How much power will the Pentium D use over newer CPU's?
Will it cost me a whole lot more on my electric bill if i used the Pentium D 925 rather than other CPU's/Computers?
Or will it not make much difference?

Thanks in advance guys.Take care,have a great day.
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  1. The Intel® Pentium® D 925 would be about double the power that an Intel Core® 2 Duo would have used. But understand this is only part of the total power that your computer takes.

    The biggest issue was that the Intel Pentium D's ran really hot and didnt give anywhere close to the performance that you would have gotten from an Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 at 2.13GHz.

    As far as the power bill difference under the most extreme I would guess it may cost you an extra dollar or two a month. So not really making a big difference on the bill.
  2. Thank you so much IntelEthusiast,You've been a big help! Take care,have a great day.Thanks again.
  3. 95W for Pentium-D vs 65W for Core2... 0.03kW x 24h/day x 365days/year x $0.10/kWh = $26/year

    Also keep in mind that on top of using less power the Core2 also has more advanced power management and will also be around twice as fast as the Pentium-D despite its clock speed handicap.
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