GEFORCE 8800GT vs HD5750

Hi guys
ive been offered two geforce 8800gt,s and a asus P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP mobo.... and im wondering if this would produce better performance than a single radeon HD5750 ......?
granted the 8800gt,s are legacy products now but im not too bothered about this.... and ive checked some video,s of systems running 8800gt,s in sli and the gameplay looks pretty impressive....
i mainly run alot of source based games ( half life 2 and both episodes .. crysis 1 and 2 ..... bioshock 1 and 2 .... wolfenstien and other first person shooters ..... so would this be worth considering ?
i know the main downside is loss of direct x 11 however this wouldnt bother me.... and ive also checked the specs at ( using "show dual card specs" with the 8800gt )
going off these results two 8800gt,s have a combined 115.2gb/sec memory bandwidth compared to 73.6gb/sec with the single HD5750 .... and the 8800gt has a superior 256bit memory interface compared to 128bit with the HD5750
the psu i will be using will be the following ( ) ( CiT 650W Power Supply Unit with PSU and Dual 12V Rails - Black Edition ) ..... ive had this a few years now and personally its been extremely reliable ....infact ive also used the 750w version which was also reliable
so is this worth going for........ ?

many thanks guys !
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  1. Performance wise, maybe two 8800gt (512MB, avoid the 256MB version) are better than a single 5750... but are you aware of the microstutering problem??
    In my opinion, it's not worthwhile invest a considerable amount of money in old and legacy products. The 8800gt was a GREAT card when it was released, but nowadays you can get much better cards for little money... if you can get a 8800gt 512MB for 40 bucks or something like that maybe it's ok...
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