New build will only power on for a second!

Im getting really frustrated... ive been saving up my money the past month just to build something that isn't working... I cant even begin to understand where I messed up I did so much research.. if anyone know please help, my computer will power on for a split second with lights and moving fans then nothing...

my specs

i3 2120
asrock h77 pro/mvp2 mobo
8gb vengeance RAM
Western digital 500gb hard drive caviar blue
ocz series 750W high performance power supply
Asus dvd drive
NZXT apollo steel chassis black case
no video card yet but it shouldnt matter
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    sounds like you shorted something to the mb. mb and ps have a dead short feature to keep them from turning on. i would first start by looking at your cables. are both atx power connector plugged in. on new my there are two a 24 pin and a 4/8 pin one near the cpu. if the small one not plugged it you get that power on twich then nothing. for the mb did you use the 9 borwn standoffs to hold the mb off of the mb tray?? a lot of people make the mistake and screw the mb to the tray and short it out. check the i/o shield..the long fingers tend to be too long and can short the mb out. check if you used an after market heat sink that it not grounding out the mb on the back side. i would also put the mb ontop of the shipping box and see if it power up. if it does then you had a short. if it wont it could be a bad power supply or a bent pin or ram not installed right. the hard part is looking under the cpu and on the cpu for a bent pin or thermal paste that gloobed over the side of the cpu and is on the pins.
  2. i didnt use any standoffs because my case does have cable management and only one side of the case comes off
  3. ill check the other things
  4. wait i see what you mean by the standoffs.. yeah ill try that.. will it still work if i try?
  5. the soilder on the bottom of the mb needs to be off of anything that can move an electrical charge. if not you short out the mb. when you bread board all you need to do is connect the power on cable on the mb or short the two pins with a flat head screw driver or jumper.
  6. thank you guys! used the standoffs and is running perfectly to the extreme!
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