Unable to find my old posts


It seems that I'm unable to view my previous posts. I tried both methods in the sticky thread, but without any luck.

- When I follow method 1 and go to "Threads" -> "See all", all I get is an empty table.
- When I follow method 2 and go to "Profile" -> "My page" -> "Access to the whole list of his/her messages", I get the message: "Sorry, no answer could be found!".

The posts are clearly still there because on various places I see that I've posted 75 messages... I hope anyone can help me out!


It's working now. :) Although sometimes it seems to go down again...
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  1. I can't find it at all anymore - it looks like the options are completely removed from the profile page...
  2. Good to hear that it's working again for you!
    You'll find thread tracking and your flags on the main page of the forum, the_crippler, rather than your profile page.
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