GTX 680 or GTX 580 3GB or HD 7970

there is a prices in my county .....

1) GTX 580 3gb -------440$
2) RADEON 7970------ 560$ or 600$ for XFX black edition 1000 mhz (stock is 925 )
3) GTX 680 ------------700$

witch one will be best form me at 1920x1080 resolution ?
best perfomance/price card ? please no fanboy answers ... i don't care about nvidia or ati
i love both .... :)
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  1. If u r actually planning to spend that much amount of money, then why even think of a gtx 580? Its an old card. U should select something from the new 7000 series of AMD. And if u can wait a couple of months, the 600 series kepler will hit the market.

    Go for the 7970 if u wanna get rid of ur itch. :D
  2. For those price points? either 580 or 7970 depending on your prefrence for nvidia or amd

    The 680 at that price point is ridiculous
  3. sad that 7970 does not have TXAA or adaptive v sync :( i paly on tv and v sync must be allways on :( but 7970 i like more ... so hard to choose for me :((
  4. Performance wise: I would say that 7970 Stock is the way to go
    Features wise: Go for the GTX 580.. if I'm not mistaken Nvidia put adaptative v-sync in all videocards now through driver update.
  5. 580 will use TXAA also as i know :) with same perfomance hit as 680 :) TXAA 1 = 2x msaa
    TXAA 2 = 4x msaa :) or am i wrong :P ?
  6. After reading, it appears that TXAA is something that the dev's have to implement in game. I'm not sure if that means when dev's do add it, if it will only work for Nvidia, because FXAA works for both brands when implemented in game. Although it might run much faster on Nvidia cards if it does.
  7. thats right :) but i hope that older cards will use TXAA to :) then it seem that 580 3GB version will be best choice atm
  8. I'd go with 680GTX. But wow $700! Sellers in your country really know to make profit and rip people off...

    I have 7970 and I dream about getting rid of it and getting Nvidia 680GTX 4gb instead when it is out. 7970 is very noisy and has driver issues that bother me. I just wouldn't buy it again, as well as any other AMD VGA.
  9. wow .... 7970 was out months ago and still driver issule ?:p that sad .... i have 1920x1080 resolution so 2 gb gtx 680 will be enough for me ya ?
  10. Overall, the GTX 680 is the best performing card of the 3 listed. See following for benchmarks:

    However, at $700 in your country that is pretty expensive. I would rather go with the Radeon HD 7970.

    Below is overall performance @ 1920x1200. The GTX 680 is the baseline (100% performance), the Radeon HD 7970 has 93% of the performance of a GTX 680 (or stated in another way; it's 7% slower), and the GTX 580 has 81% the performance of the GTX 680. If apply those percentages to the price of the video cards using the GTX 680 as the baseline then...

    GTX 680 = $700 x 100% = $700
    HD 7970 = $700 x 93% = $651
    GTX 580 = $700 x 81% = $567

    -Since the actual price for the GTX 580 is $440, that makes it the best bang for the buck (or whatever your currency is).
    -If you want high performance then the Radeon HD 7970 is the best choice because overall it is only 7% slower than the GTX 680, but at $560 it costs 20% less than the GTX 680.
    -If you want the best performance and you don't care how much it costs, then you want the GTX 680.
  11. and don't forget .. 440$ is for 3 GB version .. not for 1.5 :) i just care about TXAA .... can i use TXAA on 500 series or not idk :(
  12. darksalvatore said:
    and don't forget .. 440$ is for 3 GB version .. not for 1.5 :) i just care about TXAA .... can i use TXAA on 500 series or not idk :(

    We don't know yet, but I have a distinct feeling you will be, since it's going to be a developer implemented option. Heck, it may even be available for AMD systems, but of course this is all a guess. We won't know until it's finally used.
  13. amd ? that will be even better :))))))))) 7970 dropped price already ! Yeah !
  14. darksalvatore said:
    amd ? that will be even better :))))))))) 7970 dropped price already ! Yeah !

    On games that support FXAA in game, AMD gets FXAA and that too is an Nvidia AA mode. So we can't dismiss that possibility until we see otherwise.

    That said, if it did, it would likely run much better on Nvidia, just like FXAA.
  15. If I were you at 1920x1200 the 7870 XFX Black Edition is a good option at $384 right now on Amazon and Newegg. It's a great card for BF3 on Ultra settings. I just bought this and it has played flawlessly.
  16. what is your minimum fps drops ? like 40 ? or even worse ? like 35 ? :)
  17. here in canada the 7970 is 549 and in stock but the gtx680 is a paper launch so they run 633 ( with 30 $ mir ) when in stock but can not find any at the present so the hd 7970 would be the best choice and will have no driver issues ( if cuda is important too you pick the gtx 580 over the gtx 680 as the newer card does not help cuda dependent programs as much as the older card might be driver related)
  18. also the overclocked xfx hd7970 you mentioned will be very close to the performance of the gtx 680 ( like 3 % with gtx 680 behind in some games and amd behind in some) and almost a wash !

    with the gtx 680's automatic over clocking there maybe a lot less manual over clock head room for you to mess with.
  19. i meant about 479 too 500 bucks here in canada for the hd 7970
  20. Get the GTX 580. It will do everything you need it to do with good framerates. The extra cost for a 7970 is not worth it for the performance it provides.

    With the GTX 580 you will also get the benefits of Adaptive VSync and FXAA. FXAA can be an in-game setting in some games usable on either AMD or Nvidia. But with the 301.24 drivers, it can be used, only on Nvidia cards, on all games through the Nvidia Control Panel, whether the game includes a setting for it or not.

    If you play with VSync on, Adaptive VSync is now the only way to go.
  21. lol the first 3 sapphire hd 7970 (reference) I got are = 590.87$ each (us converted) then put it on my older system and bought the sapphire hd 7970 dual x (which is cheaper when I bought it) = 571.96$

    imo just wish the us market is the world price where everything is the same but I know it wont happen.
  22. if it's the xfx 7970 black edition it's good imo it looks so sexy but sadly I saw those as ALREADY USED (this is the tag) for 647.60$ (US Dollar converted) and lot's of people are even trying to buy it.
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