560ti Sli Problem **PLEASE HELP**

Hi this is my first time on the forums so sorry if i'm nooby :P. Anyways, since my brother went to college and left his computer here i figured I would make use of his 560ti instead of letting it go to waste collecting dust. He has an EVGA 560ti and I have a PNY 560ti so it is not a problem that we have different cards. We also have the same VRAM. I have a 700watt PSU so i dont think power is an issue and I have a z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard that supports SLI so i dont think that is the issue either. I tripple checked my connections to the motherboard as well as flipped around the SLI BRIDGE a few times but still no luck. I am running the latest Nvidia beta driver (301.24) and was previously on the 296.10 which also didnt work. I have restarted my computer countless times and also tries SLIPATCH but that didn't help either. Thanks for your time and help <3

p.s. the specific problem is that the SLI option does not show up in my control panel
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  1. did you click on the nvidia control panel and enable sli?
  2. thats the problem, the option is not there
  3. Hmmmmmm let me check my setup on my desktop give me a few minutes.
  4. Ok, click on the Nvidia tab in on you task bar or in the hidden icons arrow. It is under 3D settings, click the + icon if it is not in expanded form. Then click "Configure SLI, Surround, PHysX". If that is not there I have no clue. It has to be there :)
  5. Is your system recognizing both cards? Meaning if you check system settings or hardware manager (i think) does it show that you do in fact have 2 cards? Also it may be your power supply because 700 watt is the bare minimum for 560ti in sli. What manufacturer is your psu? it may not be providing enough power for the cards. Please see this post for a bit more information:
  6. Did you connect the power to the dual six pin pci-e connectors on the end of the card? It sounds like the card is not being detected and the only other thing I can think of (because you didn't list that you connected the power to it) is the dual six pin power connections. I would say that as long as your PSU is at least 80 plus silver(minimum, preferably gold or platinum) then you should be ok as far as power goes.
  7. I figured it out, my PSU in insuffiecient. Thanks for the answers guys
  8. Figured as much, spend the cash and get a minimum 750 watt, but to be safe i'd go to 800 or 850.
  9. No, Not its not. Wait what kinda of power supply do you have?, because 700 watts is plenty unless your PSU isn't a good quality name brand
  10. I have a 700 watt but its a crappy Xion and the model # is xon-700p-12N. Its known to *** up even around 600watts and it doesnt have the 2 extra 6pins i need
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