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Well my new build worked fine and I bought it from a custom computer place in town that do very good work. I would prefer to fix this myself and not go there. This is the problem, occasionally when I start my computer, I will see the motherboard screen, then it will just go black and stay there, other times it boots windows. What the heck is goin on there?
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  1. When you get the black screen do you see a blinking cursor at the top left side of the screen?
  2. check the mb bios and check the vendor web page to see if the bios is up to date. with a lot of the new mb and cpu that be dropping like flys now mb vendors cant keep the cpu code for the bios up to date. also a lot of vendor have been doing bug fixes for usb devices.
  3. There is no blinking at all, just black. I see the blinking _ when it does decide to boot into windows, but no, just black. It is up to date, the people at the store updated the bios.. So this doesn't make much sense to me. PS: Not sure if having an external drive has messed up anything, but it still happens with it unplugged.
  4. Honestly, I'd take it in to the computer store as it'd be hard for me to diagnose without seeing it. Sorry I couldn't be more help! This sounds like it could be a hardware issue.
  5. if the bios is fine try running a hard drive fitness test. the hard drive could have an issue and it holding the mb up at post.
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