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Hey Guys,
I have been using my self built computer for about 9 months now and have allocated 300-350 dollars to fixing/upgrading it.
My specs are:
Antec DF 35
Diamond HD 6870
8gb patriot ram(good stuff just don't feel like getting up and looking :))
Coolermaster Gx750w
1tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm

I think my specs are decently good, but one thing i have noticed is that it is an absolute PAIN to touch/change anything in the case. It seems like the GX750 wires take up half of the case. Is there anyway to hide the cables/wire better in the DF 35 or is it worth it to purchase a new case (I like the Corsair 650D) and go with a modular power supply. If so do you guys have any recommendations for power supply or how to organize better?
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  1. fractal core 3000 case has pretty good cabling and lots of internal space. a good modular power supply (if you dont care about noise) is the oc zt 650w. fully modular but kinda loud
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