Looking for New Case.

So I got a Modtek Spartan V case I would like to replace. Looking for a case that has the MOST fans possible to mount. It's hard googling "Computer case with most fans possible" xP.

Any suggestions? I was thinking these two might be good:

and I like this one because of how it looks:
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  1. you dont need that many fans
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    Case's arnt all about fans, though if you want a lot of them (and big ones at that) the Coolermaster HAF-X wont disappoint.

    1x230mm FRONT
    1x 200mm TOP (with room for another 200m, or 3x120mm if you have a water-cooling radiator)
    1x140mm Back
    1x200mm Side.
    1x120 or 80mm (i forgot) GPU Duct (optional)
    1x80mm GPU bracket. (optional
    If you really wanted more, tape a 120mm to the bottom and suck air through the grill there (optional) or put a 120mm in some spare drive bays (may be tricky)
    Then whatever fans are on your PSU (which could act as an exhaust if you wanted), GPU and CPU.
  3. Hmmmi know. But I would like to.
  4. no point of so many fans. they just make more noise
  5. Yeah noise I can handle xP. I need It for cooling since i game so much.
  6. no you dont need all those fans. the stock configurations are pretty good. just position a fan above the gpu, the usual exhaust fan, and above the cpu socket. that way it will cool your system without usuing more than 5 fans. since you are mostly not going to go extreme, a regular case will do you fine. if you really want to even, just take one of your desk fans and use that to blow air into the case
  7. Good idea. But doesn't using the desk fan increase the build-up dust?
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