Intel HD2000/2500 for Google Earth anf Full HD

hi, the Sandy Bridge HD2000 and the next Ivy Bridge HD2500 will be able to run software as Google Earth or to view FullHD 1080p movies without problems?
In those cases, it's more important the Cpu or the Gpu? thanks
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  1. The intel hd 2500 should be sufficient to do those tasks, though it is a very low end Ivy Bridge IGP. At this point I can't really determine how powerful the hd 2500 is going to be, I'm not going to rely on benchmarks until Ivy Bridge is actually released.
    I would recommend the intel hd 4000 chip, it will provide a 50% performance increase over the current IGP champion the intel hd 3000, and will satisfy all of your computing needs with ease.

    I'll look for some more info on the 2500, I'm going to assume it has the relative power of an intel hd 3000, I'll try to find info to verify that.
  2. Why not go with a APU from AMD? It's way better at multimedia type things.
  3. purple stank said:
    Why not go with a APU from AMD? It's way better at multimedia type things.

    Its been proven for the price of an APU, you can buy a cheap intel processor such as a pentium, and a cheap graphics card and beat the APU in performance. APU's are quite pointless in my opinion, though I'm sure some people like them. (then again I have never owned one, so this is secondhand information)
  4. Pentium's aren't faster than the A8 APU's.Although I do agree for $130(the same price as a APU) you can get a i3-2105 which is much faster but the OP seems more like a need for a multimedia PC.Graphicly wise you get more bang for your buck with a APU
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