Can I create a wired connect from a wireless router?

ok, the title sounds easy, but it's a little more complicated.

I have a wireless network and I have a new TV that has wireless and wired connectivity. I do not have a wired port at the spot where the TV is mounted so I am connecting wirelessly. The problem is the wireless on the TV is pretty flaky and I cannot get consistent connectivity..and every time it can't connect I have to retype in the AP passwords as it doesn't remember them. A real pain.

So, I would like to switch the network to wired, but can't run an actual wire. Can I add a new wireless AP as a repeater or bridge to tap into the existing wirelss network and then connect the TV to the a wired port on the wireless router?

I would really appreciate any advice!
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  1. If the wireless signal is not that good, simply hardwiring off the same wirelss connection probably won't improve it. I would try a wireless repeater before I went through the trouble of bridging back to ethernet. Another good option might be an ethernet over power option, you can get speeds of 100-200Mpbs, this will probably be a more stable connection for you if you're streaming stuff and the TV already has the power outlet.
  2. Hi tokencode, the wireless signal is just fine. The problem is the wireless adapter in the TV seems a bit flaky and every time it loses connection I've got to go in and retype the passcode. So I'm trying to remove wireless from the TV's connection and make it wired.

    If I install a wireless router, with wired ports, as a repeater will the wired ports function?
  3. Quote:
    If I install a wireless router, with wired ports, as a repeater will the wired ports function?

  4. Would most wireless routers have that function or would it require a special router?
  5. cec174 only a few router support this function via their standard firmware or physical switch.

    However some router can be upgraded with DD-WRT firmware to offer this option.
  6. Ok, I currently have two wireless routers so checked them out to see if they can support this. The Netgear WNR3500 has wireless repeating capability so I think if I buy another netgear model like this it should work.

    The other router is a Belkin wireless N (don't know model number) and it can be configured as an access point, but I don't think that is what I need.

    Does this sound right?
  7. you could use the Belkin as your main router and upgrade the Netgear to work as a repeater bridge
  8. Hi Emerald, why would I need to upgrade the router? Looks like the capability is built-in. What am I missing?
  9. if it works great, otherwise you can upgrade
  10. Ok, I ended up buying a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless internet adapter. About the size of a 24 pack of gum. Has a power connection and and ethernet connection and establishes the connection to my router with WPS. $65 at Frys. So far works great. It has kept the connection to my wireless network rock steady so I've been able to remove my TV's flaky wireless adapter form the equation all together.

    Brain dead simple to install and get up and running. As long as it remains reliable I'll be very happy.
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