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I have been looking for a solution to my PC problem since July. I originally bought a maxed our mini mac and returned it when I realized what I actually got for the close to $2K, i.e. approximately $500 of technology. So ever since, I have been looking for what to replace my home built that got knocked out by a lightning storm. I am looking at Asus 8Z77 Premium with 32 GB of 1866 RAM, i7, 3770K, good system, but I am not a gamer, I want to edit video, photos, and listen to high quality music, I mean good DAC's. So I am looking for the most solid stable motherboard, without all the *** on it. Let me surf the web, intall Photoshop Elements, and watch Blue Ray movies on it and I am happy. I am looking for recommendations? Please? The faster the better because my wife is riding me about when she is going to get her computer back. :)
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  1. Prebuilt, or building your own?

    For sound, probably the kind of speakers you have will make the biggest impact.
    Amd's Trinity apu will playback movies well, and handle the other stuff you want. But so does that i7 3770 I believe, if it is just movies and sound.

    If all you want is a home theater entertainment pc Trinity apu will do well as a cpu. Any make or model would probably be fine, A-10 being highest end.
  2. I am building my own. Don't have an interest in overclocking, I just want a very stable motherboard, good wi-fi on board along with bluetooth, and quick start.
  3. ....
    So you are looking for a good motherboad mainly? should help. You can google the model number and name of the part if you want reviews.

    If you haven't already made a new thread you can try to make another one in the system section of the forum. If you want help choosing and building your parts that is. is also a good place, you can filter out what you want and don't want. And see feedback on the motherboard to see if it is stable.
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