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GTX 570 vs. GTX 560 ti 448 Core Classified Ultra.

Alright, I'm down to the wire on picking an upgrade from my Zotac GTX 460 Synergy Edition. The two cards that are in the title are both powerful in my opinion and didn't know which one I should pick.

GTX 570

GTX 560 ti 448 Core Classified Ultra

Thank You!
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  1. Interesting delema you have because the settings on the two cards are different and while you can overclock a card the one thing you can't change is the Cuda cores , which the 570 has 32 more of. When you have a fqactory overclock all that means is that the card is overclocked before you get it and there is not much room left for overclocking while the reference card is not overclocked so there is more room to go but they will both end up at the same top end.
    My choice is the 570 because it is the stronger card and it starts off with more cuda cores and if you are ok with overclocking then you should get more performance out of the card.
    If your not comfortable with overclocking then the 560Ti 448 would suit you better. Evga has released the newest version of the Precision software and it makes it easier to overclock and monitor the cards.
  2. go with the full 570....the 448 is just a borked 570 ,,,,and you cant unlock it like a 6950!!!
  3. Neither. Go for the 7850.
  4. ok i have to fit the card in a PCI Express 2.0X16
    Im not that safe with over clocking. All i want is for battlefield 3 to look beautiful and run at a good 60 FPS, and by my extensive research i think the GTX 560 ti 448 core is the one I think i should get.
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    If you have the money for it you could consider a GTX 580 and that would give you without question great fps in BF3. You may want to look at this chart below and see what settings you plan on using for BF3 because with ultra settings you need a GTX 680 to get 60 fps. Also when looking at the chart you'll notice that the 560Ti 448 andd the 570 are only 3 fps apart. With either of those cards you will have to run BF3 on med to high to get 60 fps or set the scxreen resolution to lower than 1920x1080 or a combination of both.
  6. ok well what i meant was that i want to be able to run it at High with a good frame rate. Cause the card i have now runs everything smoothly and can have frame rate dips once and a while. So its getting to the point where i want more detail on my screen with maintaing a good frame rate. My current card runs everything smoothly at medium settings.
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