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I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A GAME WHEN I PLAY THE GAME A ERROR BOX SHOWS YOUR video card does not support hw t&l hardware whats the problem
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  1. maybe you can tell us what game it was, Whats your system specs? Error Code?
    Have you installed any drivers for that video card, is your direct X up to date.
  2. T&L is hardware on the video card. Specifically, it means that your video card must be modern enough to have built-in T&L support for games. I believe by around 2003 - 2004 all video cards had T&L support. But that probably excludes integrated graphics like the Intel GMA.

    The simple answer is you need to install a newer graphic card. If you have a laptop, then you need to buy a new laptop because the vast majority of laptops do not allow you to upgrade the graphic card (if there is one) or the integrated graphic core.
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