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Two PC upgrade mixing old and new parts.

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June 12, 2012 7:08:47 AM


I have a little problem choosing parts for an upgrade.
Here are my pc and my friend's pc.

My PC:
PhenomII x3 720
Cooler Master V8
2x2gb DDR3 1333
Nvidia GTX 460 1GB
Corsair 650TX
Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P

Friend's PC:
Athlon 64 x2 4200+
Themaltake Blue Orb
1x2gb DDR2 800
ATI 2600 HD (dead)
LC Power 550W
Asus M4A78-EM

The idea is to mix some parts of My PC (processor and ram) with some new parts (motherboard, graphic card and maybe PSU) to make a new Friend's PC.
His motherboard does not support ddr3, and ddr2 is quite expensive these days.

For My PC I was thinking to buy a Phenom II 965BE and 2x4gb ddr3 1600 G.Skill Ares.
Maybe, I can give him my GTX460 1gb and buy a new graphic card for My PC (new My PC with 965 and 8gb ddr3 1600)

I hope you can understand the idea.

What do you think about the idea?
Does the change from 720 to 965 worth?

The budget I think is about 150€ to update my pc (processor and ram), and about 200€ to my friend's pc
The idea is to mix some parts of My PC (processor and ram) with some new parts (motherboard, graphic card and maybe PSU).

Any help is welcome.

PD: English is not my native language, so I apologize if I can't explain well.

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June 12, 2012 4:22:36 PM

Augray37 said:
I would suggest giving that phenom ii x3 720 to your friend and trying to unlock the 4th core. Here's an article about it...
Some time ago I tried to unlock the 4th core, but I can't.

Today I just try it again, and I think the motherboard see 4cores (core0 to core3) but once in Win7 the CPUz cant see more than 3 cores.

My 720 whith AAC AUTO is:
Socket AM3 (938)
Specification AMD Phenom II X3 720 Processor

"After unlocking you can verify in CPU-Z, under specification tab it will show AMD Phenom II X4 20 Processor as against AMD Phenom II X3 720 Processor. Another interesting thing of this 720BE is if you view it in CPU-Z, under Code Name it will either appear as HEKA or DENEB.

Not much I can say about them except in pure lines, Heka is truely a Tri-core in pure form while Deneb is a Quad-core and results show there are less Heka 720s than Deneb and when you unlock the 4th core "successfully", it turns your Heka into Deneb. The good thing is that each 720BE processor has a disabled 4th core which can be unlocked.

I think my 720BE can't unlock the 4th core.