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Old CPU Compatible with new GPU

Hey I was wondering if my 6 year old Intel Pentium D 925 with 946PL/GZ chipset will be compatible with a Radeon HD 7850
I currently have a GT 9600 and a new system is out of the question. I use it to play BF3 Skyrim and ME3 and it can just barley handle them on single player at the lowest settings. it only has PCI-e 1.0 so I'm just wondering if it would be compatible no need to say I'm overkilling it this is just a question of compatibility.
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    Compatible yes, but you will not see anything close to the 7850's full potential with such an antiquated CPU at the "helm" so to speak. I would strongly advise against it. Skyrim and BF3 are both CPU heavy games, most likely that old ass Pentium D (which honestly, was junk the day it was made) is holding performance back more than the GT 9600.
  2. This is not worth doing, maybe better if you CANT afford a new system to get a slightly less powerfull video card (6850/6870) and get a core2duo off ebay.

    Double check your mobo CPU compatibility chart.

    How much RAM you got?
  3. You need to spend you money like this mobo CPU RAM


    This will be about the same price as a 7850 about 210 + tax add another 50 for a better processor which I would do but a budget is a budget

    The performance you would get in place of adding a 7850 would be quite a bit higher
  4. The same old woman and a new condom. Will the sex feel any different???
  5. That pentium is bottlenecking your current GPU, you have better luck upgrading the CPU rather than GPU, like what nekulturny and spentshells said, spend the money on upgrading your CPU, check your motherboard compatibility chart.
  6. Save your money and wait for next generation CPU next year.
    It will be worth it.
  7. unreal9400 said:
    Save your money and wait for next generation CPU next year.
    It will be worth it.

    not so sure sitting on that heap is worth the wait.
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