Will amd phenom ii 965 BE 3.4 bottleneck my GTX 660 TI ?

Hey guys, I have msi gtx 660 ti. I think its being bottle necked by my cheap apu processor. I mean I get like 30 fps playing skyrim when i walk into a crowded village or something like that. I know my card is capable of doing so much more. Do you guys think upgrading to amd 965 BE will pull everything out of my 660 ti ? Please reply. And thanks in advance geniuses :p
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  1. What APU? You never mentioned what you have! The A series use a different socket than the 965 so chances are you won't be able to upgrade.
  2. I have a6 3600 apu,Fm1 socket, I know I am gonna have to buy a am3+ mobo and i am ready to do so.
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