XFX 5770 HD Overheating. Need Advice

Little over a year ago I bought a Bestbuy PC (Asus Model). I bought this PC only because I needed to upgrade and was broke, so I put it on my Bestbuy card. Now over the last few months I've upgraded it when I had money. Here are the specs.

Case: Standard ASUS essentio series.
CPU: 965 AMDX4
GPU: XFX 5770 HD
PSU: 500w cont. (not sure of brand)
Ram: 4gig (stock)
Mobo: Stock Asus

PSU is top mounted. There is 1 fan at the back of the case under the PSU that is blowing air into the case I'm pretty sure.
PSU fan is blowing hot air down into the case.
I assume the case is terrible for airflow, and my house is pretty warm all year around and I am on the top floor with the PC on the floor. House temps are around 72f.
I recently cleaned all the dust I could out of the card and other parts of my PC. The card looks pretty clean almost new like.

Okay onto my problem; I bought my card over a year ago, and about 6 months ago I just started worrying about temps. I recently was reading that the XFX 5770 has some heating problems. I read of alot of people sending them RMA. I think I ran out of time though. I think the stupid AMD program I use keeps my card running at high clock settings even when I'm idle.

Here is a screenshot of my idle temps: http://i.imgur.com/fLlBE.jpg

When playing games such as diablo 3 beta my card hits around 90c while the fan is manually set at like 85%
Playing BF3 on High settings it hits like 85c with the fan at 85%

My concern is that I have to manually set the fan because it won't do it itself. I was playing wow the other day forgot to turn the fan up and my temps were at 88c and the fan was at like 55%.

What would you guys recommend I do. I'm pretty poor. I have been trying to buy a new case so I can add more fans. But right now I'm just worried about my card dying. Its about 15 months old. I play games alot probably 5+ hours a day.
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  1. Rosewill CHALLENGER - It's only 50$ and it already comes with 3 fans.

    PSUs usually suck in air, not the opposite.

    Revert any overclocks.
  2. The card is stock OC'd I believe. I'm unaware what clock speeds it should be at. If someone could advise me on how to properly clock it.
  3. You're already on the stock clocks. Did you OC the CPU?
  4. I haven't overclocked anything.
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