How do update graphics of old pc games for new computers

I installed a 2002 game on a Windows 7 computer and it works fine. However, the is a problem with the graphics. They aren't deformed, but the colors are random making the game screens look weird and discouraging game play. How do I solve this?
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  1. Can we get a screen shot of what it looks like.

    Are there any patches for this game? Have you tried running it in compatibility mode or playing with any of the compatibility settings?
  2. what game?
  3. What are your computers specs. Specifically what graphics card are you using?
  4. As asked,
    Which game? Are you referring the colors as being 16 bit or so?
  5. I was going to upload a picture, but I couldn't get the file to convert from bmp. However, when I opened it in fraps/screenshots and Windows Live Photo Gallery it was clear up. Could this be of any use.

    P.S. bobusboy I don't believe there are any patches and I don't understand what you are saying about compatibily mode.
    Bavman and Gman450 The Hunting Game by Valusoft. I don't know about the 16-bit, but I wondering if it was anything to do with the fact the after-taken picture is cleaned up.
    GI_JONES Intel (R) HD Graphics Family
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