Best way to mount a fan on a GPU?

Hi. I have a GPU with passive cooling that runs hot. In order to fix this, I'm going to buy a fan and mount it on the heatsink of the GPU. However, what's the best way stick it to the GPU? Should I use electrical tape, should I zip-tie it or what?

And also, if I do zip-tie it, does that require removing the heatsink?
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  1. you have to look at the video card itself. if it stock type video card hopefully the vendor put mounting screw wholes on the card.
    if they did you would buy a whole heat sink with fan. plug the van into the video card if it had a fan header if not need a fan to molex adapter. as cards run in the 40-70c range any plastic may heat up and melt.causing your fan to fall off. the old days they uses to use two sided sticky tape..but the tape over time drys falls off.
  2. Well if it helps, this is my card here:

    I'm not sure if it has mounting screws.

    However, would I simply be able to put a fan on top of that?
  3. Short Self Tapping Screws
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