Will my cpu bottleneck my gpu

hii, currently i have the following configuration
mobo:intel DP35DP
cpu:intel core 2 quad Q9300
gpu:nvidia 9500gt(512mb ddr3 ram)
psu:not a good one (planning to buy that also)
ram:2gb DDR2 (800mhz)
monitor:samsung(1680 * 1050 resolution)(planning to buy a full hd one in near future)

so i want to know if i upgrade my gpu to (radeon hd 7850 1gb), will my cpu bottleneck my gpu.
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  1. Maybe a bit, but it's still a pretty good match-up
  2. abekl said:
    Maybe a bit, but it's still a pretty good match-up

    can you suggest me a good psu for my config.
  3. For a system like your I start with the Corsair TX-650 V2. It's a great all around PSU and on sale now at Newegg. If that's too expensive, then I'd drop you to the entry level Corsair unit, the CX-500.
  4. First thing to do is get 4gb or RAM and make sure u are running Vista or wind 7 otherwise no point getting a DX11 card.

    Second buy a decent maked PSU, anything 550w above will be fine (7850 is an efficient card) however if you plan to overclock your quad core play it safe and go for at least 600w. If you case has options for more fans get one especially if you are over clocking it.

    Third thing...have fun!
  5. Depends on game. But most of the games will run fine without bottleneck.
  6. Its a very good psu and will keep up with your system.
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