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I have a 4870 and I'm looking to upgrade. I see this weekend the 6950 2GB is going for $229. Would this be a good purchase now or will the price keep falling over the next month or two by a good amount? The games I like to play and or going to play are GW2, Diablo 3, Civ 5, and any games like that down the road.

What about the 7850 or the 6870? My resolution is 1680x1050 and don't plan on that changing soon. If I could get by with the 6870 for another 2 years that would be great. My PCIE is only 2.0 will that come in to play on which one I should choose? Or should I wait another 6 months? Any help would be great.

My spec:

CPU Q9550
PS 700W
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  1. Get the HD 7850 its newer and more future proof. It should last you maybe around 3-4 years if you dont insist on maxing out your games.
  2. So the pci express 2.0 is not a factor for the 7850?
  3. the 7850 is a better choice:

    and it is compatible with pci 2.0
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