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Im a little puzzled as to why my computer has stopped working. The computer was in sleep and just powered down out of nowhere and after it did that the computer will turn on but no post beep or display. Mt first thought was that it might be the video card but i took out the card and hooked up the on board video and still nothing only fans and hard discs spinning. The next thing I figured was that the motherboard failed so i called up asus and they said i may have a faulty board and I shipped it to them and in about 10 days it comes back and the same thing happens. ram seems fine because i tried each DIMM individually in each slot and nothing changed. I took out the ram completely and tried to start it up and i got nonstop beeps and after trying again later without ram i got no beep so i figure my cpu must be fried or something which i think is strange because it gets hot and with the cpu power plugged in i can hold the power button and the system will shut down but when i disconnect the 4 pin the power button does nothing. Idk maybe the manufacturers missed somthing when i sent the mobo back or maybe i have a retard cpu but if anyone can help me figure out what to replace that would be great as i dont have another system to test components myself.
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  1. Option 1 = unplug computer from main power...and plug in new computer lol

    Back to all seriousness...Can you get your hands on a different CPU to test? Might be the CPU that is fried and this causing everything else not to work.

    If it is not your CPU then ASUS probably send the same board back. If you need to resend your board, make a note of the serial number before sending it off.
  2. Id go for CPU, one of my first ever builds about 15 years ago i put the amd cpu in the wrong way around..DOH...had similar symptoms to you, once corrected all was ok :¬)

    What system you got?

    Also have tried booting with all drive disconnected? Can you get your hands on another psu? Do you have a discrete video card, if so unplug and use the onboard one..
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