How to Assemble GPU/HDD

Hello everyone, I´m new to all this so sorry for any nonsensical question...

- Just ordered some parts, but more will be ordered soon, the only one I can´t get until like a month or so is the GPU (shiping delays etc..), can I install everything else and run it ? or without the Gpu it won´t run/boot..? does it damage anything just to run it for a week or so without a GPU?

- Ok I´l be re-using my old HDD from a prebuilt desktop, before I connect/assemble it to the new motherboard and the rest of the parts does it need to be formated? if so how?


- Intel I5 2500k
- GTX 560 Ti
- Corsair 500W
- 8G RAM
- HAF 922
- Z68 Motherboard
-Windows 7 64 bit
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    1. Nowdays, every CPU has a special part in it that processes the graphics. You can find video output on the motherboard itself. You can run the PC without your graphics card, just connect your monitor to your motherboard.
    2. When you are installing Windows, it will automatically reformat your drive. Remember to back up all your data before using it.
  2. Ok, so I'l start the assembling the pc together before the gtx 560 arrives.
    Already did back it up.

    Only one more question, so after the gpu arrives I simply place it in the socket and dowload drivers? And it automaticly changes from the cpu graphics to the gpu right?

    Many thanks for the reply
  3. It won't automatically change everything... but really you just plug the GPU in, (power into the GPU too) and then switch the cable for your monitor from the back of your motherboard to the back of your GPU. Done!

    -When you boot up after you put the GPU in, open Steam and choose to update video drivers in the file menu.
    -Or, google it. Almost as easy.
  4. Thanks for the information greenrider02, all my questions regarding this topic are answered.

    Again Many thanks gxavier and greenrider for the help!
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  6. No problem, and like greenrider02 said, don't forget to change where the cables go.
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