BF3 mouse panning stuttering problems



CPU: i7 920 @ 4.00ghz
GPU(s): 6970 crossfire
Ram: 8gb Corsair vengence 1600mhz
HDD: 2x 1tb 7200rpm (one is 32mb cache other is 64)
PSU: 1200w Corsair ATX
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 (Rev 1)

Now i've had this issue from day one release, everytime there is a larger environment (doesn't matter if it's on ULTRA or LOW) I have this strange mouse jitter effect when panning left and right or up and down (very noticible when moving the mouse slow) It's almost like frameskipping but when I put a bipod down or getin a vehicle (back of a jeep or tank) The problem goes away. My mouse is a gigabyte GM-M8000 and I've tried the most upto date drivers for it, no success.

Now you will not believe what I've done to try and resolve this issue, I've tried a new HDD, a new graphics card (GTX 680), numerious drivers (video drivers) updated my BIOS to the latest version and even tried a beta BIOS. I've downclocked my overclock to default settings, turned HPET off, turned hyperthreading off, tried messing around in the registry with the ATI power saving feature, tried using the mouse sensitivity solution in BF3, obviously formatted numerious times, updated windows as much as possible, tried to do a fresh install without any windows update. Turned crossfire on and off still the same, I can not for the life of me figure this out.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I'm just lost and have no idea what the problem is.
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  1. one of the reasons is the "online only" BS. They need to do away with it. The second problem is Origin. I get lag trying to kick open doors...... something like one half to almost a complete second of lag. Something EA should have known about before release but just don't seem to care. BF3 was the last game I'll ever waste money on. Don't like the "overseer" attitude the gaming industry is putting all of us through.

    by the time I had to do the kick" thing in the bathroom ( first bathroom )...... don't know if there are anymore....... because that's where I stopped playing the game because the BS got unbearable. Wasted money on another EA product. NO MORE!
  2. It's a known fault.

    Sluggish / Unresponsive Mouse:

    1. Go here: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings
    2. Open PROF_SAVE_profile with notepad++ (can download for free)
    3. Change the following variables:

    GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.050000

    1st one is the normal mouse sens. USE whatever you like, or keep it the way it is.

    These can be edited and it may solve the problem.

    GstInput.Scheme0Sensitivity 0.000000
    GstInput.Scheme1Sensitivity 0.000000
    GstInput.Scheme2Sensitivity 0.000000

  3. Definatly looks like a mouse problem, I've messed around with the settings and have noticed a change for better or worse it doesn't matter, I can't get it perfect but thank you so much for clearing this up, least I can focus my efforts on the mouse instead of other hardware/software problems.

    Thank you.
  4. I had the same problem with my Bf3. EA suck hairy testies, heck they're even voted the world worst company.

    It's also linked to Win 7 Aero interface, try running the ol' Win 98 theme and trying again.
  5. Lol EA, I wanted to punch them after mass effect 3's ending, oh and I've tried the win 98 theme, still didn't work but thanks!
  6. The only other thing you can try is this:

    It overrides normal Windows settings for your mouse, and there's plenty of anecdotal evidence it will work on the internet. It will also affect your windows mouse settings as well, so make SURE TO BACK UP changes you make. And of course, use at your own risk..
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