What is this port cable called

this port says HDMI but my HDMI cable dosnt fit in it but it looks the same just smaller.
what is it?,KpWJl,KpWJl#1
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  1. it's mini-HDMI (a shrunk version of HDMI which is wired the same just with a smaller port). You can get a mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter online if your card didn't come with one.
  2. It is hard to see better if you list what card but it looks like a either Display or mini HDMI.
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    I do believe that that's a mini-HDMI port. You can get adapters that go from mini-HDMI to HDMI pretty cheaply.
  4. That looks like regular ol' HDMI to me. Would be simple to confirm if given a model number of your video card.
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