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Outlook express for windows 7

ok, so bit annoyed when i just installed windows 7 and found out that outlook express isnt on here, can someone please link me to a download location for this? as i cant seem to find it anywhere, im sorry i know im being a complete muppet by not finding it.
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  1. Windows Live Mail
  2. im having difficulties using that with my orange email address
  3. Shouldn't be any more difficult to set up than OE. Just remember the menus you're used to at the top of the screen are now hidden... you have to press ALT to see them.
  4. right, im using it and it is recieving my emails, but every time it does, i get an error message saying that it cant send or recieve emails due to the pop server settings, i know i have them right, any ideas?
  5. Well POP settings would not have anything to do with sending mail... that would be your SMTP settings. POP settings are for receiving mail, and if you're receiving mail ok, then your POP settings must be correct.
  6. i havent tried sending mail, just recieving it, and every time i do i get an error message even though it is recieving it fine, its just annoying more than anything, cuz evertime its open and recieves a message it makes an error noise
  7. right, well that was annoying, finally sorted it now, there was a default account that i must have accidentally altered, right then, next question, how do i get my old messages into live mail? they are in the old windows folder somewhere at the minute
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    Your email from OE should be in Windows.old\Documents and Settings\Accountname\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\longweirdassfoldername\Outlook Express
  9. cheers dude
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