Question about wireless bridges, static IPs and Tight VNC

Hello, I recently got a Buffalo N router (WHR-HP-G300N) that I successfully setup as a wireless bridge to a family room (where putting in an Ethernet cable would have been very difficult). This room is on the main floor, the FiOS router (Actiontec) is on the second floor, hardwired to an Apple Airport Extreme wireless (setup in bridge mode).

Everything is working fine - the new Buffalo router gets blazing fast speeds.

My question is about port forwarding - I read up on it, and have set my main hardwired PC (hooked up to the Apple router by Ethernet) to a static IP address of

Now the Buffalo in the family room has an HTPC wired into it, and I setup a static IP address of (I understand that the Buffalo hands out 192.168.11.x IP addresses via DHCP.)

The goal is to get Tight VNC setup on the HTPC ( so that I can remotely control it from my main PC ( Do I setup a port forwarding on the Actiontec router for the (main PC) or (HTPC)?

Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance for the input!
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  1. FYI, upon further testing the Buffalo lost the connection, and it went downhill from there.

    Tried to reflash the firmware, and still had major problems accessing the router's firmware, and then ended up returning this flaky item as I spent four hours of my life trying to troubleshoot and revive a unit that wouldn't allow access.
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