[SOLVED] overheating 97 celsius

First my specs

gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3
8 gig ram
geforce 560ti
SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold

So back story, while playing games, video card just randomly froze and i had to restart the machine.
came to the conclusion that it was my old power supply (not supplying enough power) which was a coolmaster 700 watt PSU,
so i removed that and bought a new 650 watt Seasonic.

Alright I installed the Seasonic, turned on my computer and everything was pretty damn laggy. so i turn on speedfan and see my cpu at 88 degrees celsius when computer was idle and 97 degrees celsius when i turned on a steam game.

K..97 really bad for computer.

so at this point im thinking maybe i didn't plug stuff in correctly, and pulled wires out and put them back in.
turn the machine on again and CPU is still burning.

Seeing as it was working fine with my old 700 watt PSU im just confused as why is it doing it with this seasonic..

but i digress, maybe im not changing any settings or something.

Any one got any ideas?

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  1. Maybe your PSU wasnt busted, instead it was your CPU overheating?!

    Have you checked the CPU cooler? fan speed?still mounted correctly?
  2. well the stock fan was going fullspeed ahead when i looked at it, and in the bios i set fan speed to max. so it was going.

    but if it was actually doing its job in cooling i can't tell you with 100 percent certanty. b/c of those damn high temps its reading. I'm going to try to disconnect power from the 560 ti and see what are the results going to be..but i don't see that really helping.
  3. take a look if it's mounted properly, a knock to the machine can sometimes loosen a pin.

    Try removing it, cleaning it (and the CPU), reapplying TIM, and reinstalling.
  4. Un mount the cpu cooler and re mount then apply the CPU cooler to auto.

    See what happens
  5. With a properly applied stock HSF on a stock-clocked/volted CPU, the CPU should not come anywhere near 80C so a HSF mounting issue would be the most likely problem.

    If your HSF is cold/lukewarm while the CPU is under full-load and reporting over 90C, you definitely have a major mounting problem. As said above, remove, clean, re-apply paste, re-mount and test again.
  6. hmm, this guy here roughly had the same problem as me

    with the same specs too


    not sure what happend with his machine though..

    il remove the cpu coolor and remount it and see if that works
  7. indeed it was the heat sink/ fan, it was not on tightly, and was lose, I went out and bought a new cpu fan and it works nice
  8. saady87 said:
    indeed it was the heat sink/ fan, it was not on tightly, and was lose, I went out and bought a new cpu fan and it works nice

    Brilliant, glad you got it working! :D
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