GTX 470 Temp with new drivers?

I just noticed that new driver dropped temp of my gtx 470 by 25º on idle!! Anyone else noticing this or is it just some kind of trick to underreport actual temp?
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  1. I highly doubt it's a trick. The new driver probably just tweaked idle clock thresholds (the level of GPU load that causes it to ramp up to full clock) or something. Do you run multiple monitors?
  2. It could be a software glitch!
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    GTX 470 Temp with new drivers?
  4. What are you using to monitor temperatures?
  5. Gman450 said:
    What are you using to monitor temperatures?

    MSI Afterburner and SpeedFan
  6. aicom said:
    Do you run multiple monitors?

    I actually was and I stopped using second around the time that I realized temp is much lower now. I'll have to plug the other monitor and see if that raises the temp.

    Btw, temp on load are still around 89-91ºC so that didn't chnage at all only on idle.
  7. Stupid question, but did you open the card and scrape the excess thermal paste off? That will help a ton. I cracked mine open and couldn't believe how much was applied. I reapplied a little bit and temperatures managed to drop 5-10 degrees.

    I've done that and tweaked core clock and fan speed and could hardly go over 85 degrees Celsius. It wasn't anything drastic; I just dropped clock speeds by 100mhZ and fan speed down to 75 percent. That depends on where your computer is and how cold it gets.
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