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Will there be a single-gpu GTX685/GTX780/GK110 video card?

There are a lot of rumors about upcoming GK110. Will it be 685GTX or 780GTX? Do you think it will come out in August as rumors say?

Also, when Nvidia will be realeasing their dual-chip VGA, will they use 2 x GK110s or 2 x GK107s?
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    As you have said there are a lot of rumors because Nvidia is being very tight with information about what they will be releasing and when. I don't know why that is but it's very frustrating to those who are waiting to upgrade or build a new computer to not know when something is going to come out. It may be because they might not even know and if the set a date and then were not able to honor that date then they'll get a lot of heat from that. So I guess it's just wait and see.
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  3. waiting is sh**
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