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Hi all,

I have two PC's connecting to a DSL router with via Ethernet LAN. My wife's old PC used to be on XP SP3 but I've now replaced it with a new one running Win 7 x64. This is when the trouble started... Steps were as follows:

1) LAN connection was working perfectly on the old PC with XP SP3, together with my own.
2) I plugged the new PC into the spot currently occupied by my own, so that I could format, install Windows & Office, do updates, etc, while backing up everything on the old machine. The LAN connection was working fine on both machines.
2) I unplugged the old PC and replaced it with the new one, and behold! No Ethernet connection; all I get is the "Network cable unplugged" message. No green light on the NIC or the router.

The very same NIC and cable were working fine (albeit not together) only 5 minutes previous to making the swap. I haven't the slightest idea what could have gone wrong. All the ports on the router are still working with my PC.

Any suggestions or similar experiences? How do I troubleshoot this? I could obviously swap NIC's and cables, but before I start yanking hardware I'd like to know if there is a simpler solution.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. did the network connection change from 100Mb to Giga?

    make sure the network cable is plugged in right on both ends.

    try a different network cable.
  2. Nope, NIC's are 100Mbps only. Cable was definitely plugged in correctly.
  3. have you checked the condition of the cable? did it get kinked or strained?
  4. Not to my knowledge, I will try plugging the old PC back to see if it still works.
  5. Quick update: The cable still works. I tested it on my own PC and it lights up straight away. Still no go in the other PC though. I downloaded Realtek's LAN tester software, and also looked around in the BIOS. Results for the various cable pairs report as:


    I'm not entirely sure what this means. Is it safe to assume something is broken on the NIC side? Unfortunately I only have onboard NIC's, no spare lying around to test with.
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