PSU fan not working, frequent restarts

Hello all,

I was having unexplained restarts of my computer whenever I played games on it. I updated the GPU video driver and and made sure the rest of my drivers were updated. Didn't help. I also checked the temperatures of my GPU and CPU and they were always in the 70C and 40C range, under load respectively.

I finally figured out the PSU fan was not working so I am now hoping that I figured out the problem. PSU overheating and restarting. Thing is, I just bought this PSU, and actually just built this entire computer in July. Is there anything I can do to fix this or do I have to send in the PSU for a new one?

This is assuming that the PSU is probably the problem, unless somebody else has any other ideas?

Here are the link to the PSU I have as well as the GPU connected to it. The CPU I have is the new IVY Bridge i5K chip set.


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  1. If the PSU fan isnt working send it back! No need to chance it if its under warranty.
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