NVIDIA FXAA = Poor mans AA?


I just gave the driver a run and I have to say that is nice. I don't have the 1.5 varm to run BF3 w/ AA maxed. I like AA and I still think it looks better than just FXAA alone.

Is this stuff a Keeper? It helps take the sting out of running 560s (non TI) in sli? Micro shuttering aside, does this make you more willing to try SLI on mid ranged cards?

The new NVIDIA GeForce 301.24 beta drivers are now available to download. An essential upgrade for all GeForce users, these drivers enable NVIDIA FXAA, NVIDIA Adaptive VSync, and NVIDIA Frame Rate Target on all GeForce 8-series and later GPUs and also add new NVIDIA Surround features for all Surround-capable GPUs. Also included are numerous performance improvements for top titles, new SLI profiles, and new 3D Vision profiles.
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  1. Well the way I see it its basically just another edge blur technique that is using the way the human eye and brain works to give the same perceptive results as using AA while using less hardware performance. Basically its a version of an optical illusion. Same thing as an LCD TV really. Some look fine from a distance but look really bad up close, same thing here.

    Personally I don't see it making a difference to people choosing SLI or not. That's a Value/perf call as I see it.

    Mactronix :)
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