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I have a dell atitude D630, new motherboard, cpu. I have a problem, when it starts, it only runs a few seconds and shuts down. I have swapped out, cpu, and ram. remove wlan card, etc. Anuone have a solution? Thanks
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  1. Make sure cpu cooler is connected to the right fan header, recheck memory to make sure it is locked in place.
  2. thanks, got it working
  3. new motherboard is bad or not installed correctly.
    how do you know the board is new and where did you purchase.?

    odds are the board is not new since that model is outdated but possibly a new refurbished or re-manufacture.
    possibly it could be new but it would still be from old stock so it would have been sitting somewhere for sometime.
  4. Thanks everyone for the help, got it working perfectally.
  5. congrats and enjoy..
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