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So... at the moment these are my system specs that I built back in march

Tower: Thermal LVL 10 GT
Motherboard:ASuS ROG Maximus IV Extreme-Z
CPU: INTEL 2700k OC 4.6
Memory:16Gb of Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz
Boot driveCZ vertex II 120gb SSD 6gb/s
Games Drive: 2tb 7200rpm Seagate
GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 S/C
Cooling:2x 240mm case fan, plus intel liquid cooling
Powersupply: Kinswin 1200watt gold+ cert modular
Optical:Lite-Blu ray burner
monitor:24" samsung LED
Mouse: Razer Mamba 2012 Elite
Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard
Mousepad: Razer Vespula

So Now Lets talk about the new extra's

GPU(s): GTX GeForce 680's SLI
Putting the 580 as Dedicated PHySX
Monitor(s):2x 24" Samsung LED
HDD:2/ 2tb 7200rpm seagate
Optical: Pioneer Blu ray burner
Removable: Ultra 4 port usb, 7 in 1 memory card reader, audio I/O
Headset:Razer Chimaera 5.1, 5.8 Mhz gaming headset
Gaming pad: razer Nostromo
Gaming Controller : Razer Onza Tourney Controller
Webcam(For School):Logitech quick cam AF orbit

I am looking for input into the build?
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  1. I can here's a different question should I do 2 680's or one 690

    close to same price the 690 is as followsMemory Type
    Video Memory 4096MB
    Core Clock 915MHz
    Memory Clock 6008 MHz
    Memory Bandwidth 384.52GB/sec.
    Stream Processors 3072
    Memory Interface 512-bit

    the 670 is as follows
    Memory Type GDDR5
    Video Memory 2048MB
    Core Clock 1084 MHz
    Memory Clock 6208 MHz
    Memory Bandwidth 198.66GB/sec.
    Stream Processors 1536
    Memory Interface 256-bit
    trying to figure out the best way to go
  2. So the 690 would work better then how many monitors can i use and can i still use the 580 as a physx card?
  3. So i Can still use my goes set up VGA correct?
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