First build problems with CPU fan

Hey, I posted this in the Cooler Master forum since it is specifically about the CPU fan, but I'm scared that there may be bigger problems here....

So I finished my new build last night, all seemed to be working perfectly until a few hours of running it.

I was doing prime95 tests all night with good temps, no problems.

All of the sudden I hear a kind of shrill buzzing coming from my case, like the mobo speaker only not coming from there, coming from my CPU aread. It's just this constant, scary tone.

No warnings came up on my computer, but I freaked out and shut it down.

Started it up again, everything was going good, then suddenly the tone happens again a few moments after reaching my start screen. I was not running prime95, the PC was just idling thankfully, but I had RealTemp open when it happened. I quickly looked at the temps, all were very low and fine at idle, not climbing or anything.

So I shined my flashlight into the top of the case and my CPU FAN on my Hyper 212 EVO WAS NOT SPINNING. Not even a little.

I immediately shut it down via the front button.

I definately have the CPU fan connected correctly because as I said, it was running smoothly for a few hours. Now I get this deathly sound. I really hope it isn't a faulty motherboard, someone said that shrill sound may have been the bearings in the fan....

HOWEVER I turned the PC off and it unplugged it, and then opened the case and tried spinning the EVO fan with my finger, it went smoothly with no sounds or resistance.

I'm really hoping it's just the fan as that is easy enough to replace. If it's the motherboard, I won't be able to handle that...

One quick note, when I first booted up the system and was trying to install Windows, the system was very unstable. It kept rebooting suddenly in the middle of the installation and at one point I got a warning saying that the HDD or CD-ROM was not configured properly. However, that problem soon stopped and I was able to run Windows 7 stable for about 2 hours before the CPU fan failure happened.

I'd also like to note that my 2 case fans were running fine during this whole thing, it just seems to be the CPU fan. I really hope it's not the fan header. If it is, is that something I can get repaired by a local shop?
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  1. Try taking the fan out and testing it. If you don't find anything inspect the fan header. Remove your Cooler and ensure your Tims is properly applied. If you still don't find anything then double check your BIOS.

    As a reference you should be able you run up the stock intel cooler if it is indeed a fan failure with...
  2. Air escaping from bubbles in your TIM may explain the sounds you heard...
  3. No, the sound was definetly electronic, almost positive it was a warning beep that the CPU fan was not spinning.

    I do not think it has anything to do with my heatsink or TIM as my temps are fine and this is just the CPU fan STOPPING.

    The CPU fan header looks fine to me from the outside.
  4. Anyone got any ideas? Could it be maybe a weird BIOS glitch where it is turning off the fan and then warning me about it?
  5. SOLVED IT, was the BIOS.
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