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I have a close friend that has asked about a good video editing computer. I only build gaming systems so this is new territory for me. I figured I would ask my trusted Tom’s Hardware community for their opinion.

He states: “The two major programs are Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6.
The biggest thing I need is to be able to render videos faster and edit multiple source HD videos. Secondary programs that we use include Photoshop, Illustrator, Encore and Audition.
I’d also like to eventually move into 3D modeling and design. Maybe a program like Nuke.”

I wanted to see what hardware would be best for this. Budget is 2-3k. Obviously the cheaper the better. I have some questions.

Intel or AMD?

I know Intel is ruling the scene right now, but in something like this would say a quad core 2600K be better or would an AMD 8 core be better because there are more cores? Or would maybe a server type processor be better?

What chipset would be best?

Video card? GTX? Quaddro?

In using something like this would Lucidlogix Virtu come in handy?

What would an appropriate amount of ram be?I know with gaming 8GB of 1600mhz ddr3 is plenty. However I’m sure something like this can be much more demanding.

Would an SSD make much of a difference when rendering videos? Should we just get a small (128gb) boot drive? Or would a larger drive (512gb) be more beneficial.

Of course my first inclination was Ivy Bridge with a Z77 or a Sandy Bridge E with X79.

What do you all suggest? Please help.
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  1. You need an i7 for all of that stuff, which is very very doable in that price range.
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